Strategy & Roadmap

Motivation and vision

The Aachen Center for Optics Production ACOP is an initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT and was set up as a technology incubator for optics production in Central Europe.

The aim of ACOP is to enable the European optics industry, through the use of digitization technologies and the development of robust and sustainable process chains, to manufacture high-quality optics and optical systems that are used in high-tech applications in a wide range of industries.

Recent development goal is currently the standardization of tools, for example grippers in optics assembly, but also of processes, algorithms. interfaces or measurement routines. Digitization technologies such as the digital twin and the artificial intelligence are used to link the individual process steps and to automate production processes on a high level. Sustainability goals are also high on the agenda here, in order to also save valuable raw materials in optics production and to reduce harmful waste as far as possible.

Focus topics and technology streams

Digitalization and networking technologies provide the framework for the further development of the four technology areas of glass optics, plastic optics, metrology and assembly.






Glass optics


Plastic optics



Long-Term technology roadmaps

Together with the ACOP partners, we have developed technology roadmaps along four defined project phases. Depending on technology goals and product maturity, ACOP partners can choose from different project types to be worked on in consortium or in different partner constellations.

The members of ACOP bring new project proposals to the annual members' meetings in the winter of each year and then jointly decide on the follow-up projects for the coming year. Additional meetings in the course of the year enable intensive professional discussion within the network and a fruitful exchange during the respective project work.