Optics Assembly

A uniform magazine solution is configured and used for complete automation and continuous physical linking. Parallel to the physical linking, a digital interface was developed to use the database from previous development and process steps, so that tolerance devia-tions can be efficiently compensated for during the assembly process using "tolerance matching" procedures. The components were transported along the transport route on a newly developed work-piece carrier ("Smart Tray"), which acts as an IOT device and uses embedded electronics to monitor its own status and transmit it to an edge device. Since this growing number of entities and technologies must be integrated into the overall system of the assembly process (control, hardware) without great time and financial effort, the first version of the IPT assembly framework was developed.

Examples of research topics that we work on together with our partners:

  • R&D based on a flexible machine architecture
  • Logistics and handling technique
  • AI supported process control