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Digitization in the "EverPro" project includes the development and provision of a digital infrastructure that serves as the basis for a digital twin of the products but also of the entire process chain. For this purpose, all process steps and machines are digitally connected with each other and connected to a data backbone. This data is used to optimize the entire process chain. Technologies such as AutoML are used for this purpose and integrated into the infrastructure as a service. The goal is to make initial analyses of the data as easily accessible as possible to the users of the infrastructures, so that initial potential for improvement can be identified without great effort. This also includes specific knowledge in the area of software development. The use of such services therefore enables industry to reduce the need for data scientists with a production context by providing an easy-to-use solution.

Examples of research topics that we work on together with our partners:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Digital twin of components